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Chad Reumann

He, Him, His

Originally from Hamilton, Ohio (outside of Cincinnati), Chad came out as gay in 1993. Chad’s single parent did not react well to his coming out, and this would start a journey of a “chosen” family.

In 2002 in a move to San Antonio (SA), Chad would gain leadership and teamwork skills from volunteering at work and in 2007 with the HRC Steering Committee in San Antonio. He was elected to this committee in 2008, then appointed to the HRC Board of Governors (BOG) in 2011 and as part of the BOG role, Chad would be a liaison to local organizations.

One of those organizations was PFLAG SA, and eventually in 2016 shifted his primary volunteer work to PFLAG. Chad connected with parents, demonstrating to them the negative impacts it has on their kids when you reject them. And encouraged parents and allies to embrace LGBTQ+ people and be their cheerleaders.

Chad joined the Board of PFLAG SA in 2016, providing support in a variety of roles. Chad served as Chapter president for 3 years and is still serving on the Board for PFLAG SA. In 2018 Chad was appointed to his first Regional Director term for the Southern Region and in 2020 was elected to one of the National Board of Directors positions.

Chad loves knowing he can make a positive impact on a family’s future, after the rejection and pain he experienced coming out in 1993; he considers it to be the best gift he can give.