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David Schuur

He, Him, His

David was born in the Chicago area but was raised on a small farm in southern Illinois. He met the love of his life, Missy at the University of Illinois. Missy is a CPA and currently works as Finance Controller for OCI – Iowa Fertilizer. They have lived all over the US over the past 25 years, moving mostly due to work opportunities. The place they loved the most was Baltimore. The place they liked the least was Pocatello, ID. Dave recently started working for Nouryon as a Global Marketing Director for their Agriculture & Food business which has brought them to Chicago. Both of their extended families live within a 2 – 4 hour drive away which has made the move to Chicago even better, especially since they both feel that they have reached that phase of life where their parents are getting older and could use some support from their children. Dave and Missy have one child, Paige who just finished her first semester of college. She is either going into teaching or law – she hasn’t decided yet. Regardless, they are just excited that she is going to the University of Illinois!

Things that get Dave excited about his job are team development, getting the organization focused on the true, critical issues and lastly, establishing the capabilities to ensure long-term sustainable growth.  

For fun, Dave loves going on vacations with his family at a beach with clear water for snorkeling. He also loves watching the Cubs at Wrigley Field and bird watching – things he does with his father every chance he gets!