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Kathy Halbrooks

She, Her, Hers


Kathy Halbrooks—who is straight and cisgender and has no children—has been involved as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community for twenty years. She got involved because of a local political issue, and working for equality became her passion. After serving as President of her home chapter, PFLAG Nashville, for many years, she’s now Community Liaison. She strives to see that supportive legislators are elected and that fair laws are passed at all government levels. She enjoys taking part in PFLAG meetings, having tables at events, and participating in training in businesses and organizations. As a Regional Director and a PFLAG National Board member, she is pleased to be able to connect with people in her region and all over the country to expand the scope of her work.

She cherishes the many friends she’s made over the years. Getting involved as an ally has brought her many blessings for which she is grateful every day.