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Coming Out Later in Life

We’re proud to partner with our friends at SAGE to support older adults in their coming-out process. Check out their fantastic resources at lgbtagingcenter.org/comingout 

Here are our quick tips to be a good ally to someone when they come out to you — at any age!

  • Your initial response can have a profound and lasting effect on someone; think before you speak.
  • Say thank you. What just happened was big, and acknowledging that reaffirms that your loved one chose the right person to tell.
  • Watch your body language; it can say as much as your words do. Be an active and engaged listener.
  • Ask appropriate questions, such as “Is there any way I can support you?”
  • Respect their wishes. This isn’t time for you to suggest their next steps.

Here are some resources to keep your learning going!