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Working with School Personnel for Safer Schools Recording & Training Toolkit

With the passage of “Don’t Say Gay” bills in numerous states and book bans making national headlines, the past few years have been devastating for safe schools advocates. Many chapters are having a much tougher time getting their foot in the door at schools in their community – if they’re able to at all. This session examines the many different ways we can strive to make schools safer for LGBTQ+ students, by identifying the best ways to work with school personnel, from bus drivers and cafeteria staff to district level administrators and the school board.

Thanks for participating in PFLAG National’s  Working with School Personnel for Safer Schools webinar. One of our key goals is to help you take the information that you learned in this session and use it to make your chapter stronger and more effective. To do that, we’ve created this page to provide you with tools, resources, and references.

As always, the PFLAG National staff is here to help. If you have any questions, comments, or just need some good advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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