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Sound the Alarm: Sending Invites to a Board Meeting

When you hear that there’s a library or school board meeting coming up, it’s time to rally the troops to get as many advocates to show up in support of our right to read without censorship. 

Following is a sample template to send an email, Facebook notice, or utilize another tool to reach people who would want to know about the meeting and attend or submit testimony, when permitted.

Before the board meeting:

  • Start early. Begin planning to invite your network to the board meeting and the associated logistics about a month in advance, if possible. You won’t always have this much warning, but the earlier you start planning, the better. 

  • Publicize the meeting.​ Use social media, flyers, posters, emails, newsletters, and local media to let people know about the school or library board meeting. 

Advertise the event by including relevant information about the board meeting, the topic of discussion, the time, and the location. If the event is virtual, include the time zone. Be brief but accurate and exact (time, address, directions, web links, etc.), and be sure to provide contact information people can use to get additional information.