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Our Structure

PFLAG is a grassroots, chapter-based organization that is currently organized in more than 400 communities across the United States. Our governance structure is membership based, and is comprised of chapter members and members at large. PFLAG has both elected volunteer leadership and professional staff, all of whom serve unique functions within the organization.

Board of Directors

PFLAG is governed by a 21-member Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the organization and for setting PFLAG’s strategic vision, electing the National President, and hiring the Executive Director. The National President presides over the Board and the national organization. The Executive Director is responsible for management of the national office staff and program development.

Board members are volunteers, can serve a maximum of two three-year terms, and are selected as follows:

  • Seven members are elected from PFLAG membership
  • Seven members are elected by the Regional Directors Council
  • Seven members are elected by the Board itself

See the full listing of the PFLAG National Board of Directors.

Regional Directors Council

As set out in PFLAG’s bylaws, PFLAG is organized in thirteen regions. The members of each region elect a volunteer Regional Director (RD) who works with PFLAG National staff for support, resources, training, and to help start new affiliates (see below). RDs can serve a maximum of three two-year terms.

Every two years, RDs elect a Chair who also serves as Vice President on PFLAG’s Board of Directors.

For PFLAG chapters, the RD from their region is yet another link to PFLAG National leadership. These individuals share member perspectives and activities with the PFLAG Board of Directors and PFLAG National staff. They assist in all aspects of affiliate development and coordinate regional conferences to bring PFLAG members together for skill-building and networking.

See the full listing of the PFLAG National Regional Directors Council.


There are currently two types of affiliates within the PFLAG network: chapters and state councils.

  • Chapter. A group of three or more individuals or families working to further PFLAG’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.
  • State Council. A statewide organization of PFLAG chapters, working to further PFLAG’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.

All affiliates are governed by a chapter board, with at minimum a president, secretary, and treasurer.

Find a PFLAG chapter near you.

National Office Staff

PFLAG employs an Executive Director who reports directly to the Board. The Executive Director hires staff to carry out the work of the PFLAG National office, and the staff reports to the Executive Director. The primary role of the staff is to nurture the work of PFLAG’s affiliate network and to promote PFLAG’s presence in the national arena, including Congress and the Executive Branch, coalitions with organizations who share our goals, and the media. The staff is organized in the following departments:

  • Communications: Primarily responsible for all internal and external communications for the organization, including media relations, social media, website editorial, publications development, production, and distribution.
  • Development: Primarily responsible for raising funds to support the national organization.
  • Field and Policy: Primarily responsible for all affiliate development, training, program, and policy development. The department is responsible for working directly with affiliate leaders and Regional Directors.
  • Operations: Primarily responsible for responding to inquiries from the general public, filling orders for publications, and personnel and financial management.

See the full listing of the PFLAG National staff.

We welcome the participation and support of all who share in our vision and mission.